BoBo saves the Beandom

Are latset and first game is now in devoplpment, and we are working as hard and fast as we can, in this installment of the BoBo sieres, We can find BoBo go up agianst kyle in a midevil time are after kyle steals the book of life and trys to use it to destroy the beandom!

As we in devoplemnt we are planning for a release in early to mid 2021 with an open beta coming out later this year, if you would like to play earlier than that we will be posting weekly a version that you can play on our website at BoBo's secrets this will start nect week on october fith - october 1 2020

Current game state

The current game state is what ill call devoplment stage, we are just working on core gameplay with the graphics being simple shapes and simple text for the ui, we want to just have the game have a good smooth feel that the players will like before we work on the graphics, we currently finishing up the first build for october 5, and it will include the main menu, options menu, and a base level were you will be able to move around three platforms were you can run jump slide and grapple around, for our next build we will like to introduce you guys to kyle and posiably have a beta boss fight or some form of combat - october 2 2020

Current state

With our current game state we are set to be releasing this version on sunday, october 4th, we also have good news, our discord server and bot is offiacly up and runnnig, we will link it in BoBo's Secrets, we are well on our way to adding combat and even maybe some enemeys to our next. build, we currently are just trying to smooth out the moovement and some newly found bugs but rest asured it will be in a semi playable state when we release it within the next 3 days.